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Short notes on Jainism and Buddhism - Indian History

Jainism and Buddhism Short notes - Indian History

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A lot of things are common to Jainism and Buddhism. Both of them reject the authority of the Vedas. Both repudiate the efficacy of ceremonies and rituals, condemn animal sacrifices and both ignore God. Both subscribe to ahimsa, both believe in transmigration and both hold that Karma exerts a definite impact on the future. But they differ on certain basic issue. Jainism glorifies self mortification whereas Buddhism insists upon the pursuit of the middle path and the avoidance of extremes. Budhism maintains that every thing lacks an ego while Jainism exhorts that every object in this world is tenanted by a Soul.

Buddha’s primary aim was to secure deliverance from the grim reality of sorrow and suffering. He accepted the traditional belief in transmigration of the Soul and law of Karma. The chief Buddhist monastery was at Nalanda, which under the patronage of Pala Kings. 

  • The three Jewels of Buddhism. Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.
  • The first Buddhist man was Gautami.
  • 500 Stories are included in the Jatakas.
  • The place of worship of Buddhists is Pagoda.
  • The Holy book of Buddhists is Tripitika.
  • The Buddhists order of monk is Sangha.
  • The Buddhists monasteries are called Viharas.
  • The old name of Orrisa was Kalinga, Bhuvaneshwar the Capital of Orissa is known as the Temple City of India, on account of its numerous temples.
  • Puri, famours for Jaganath temple is in Orissa.
  • Konark, famous for the Sun God temple is also in Orissa.
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